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1. honour as holy.


At Hallow Yoga, I honour you - your body, mind and spirit. And I want you to as well.

The practice of asana (the postures or poses of yoga) is often seen as out of reach, only for a certain few and too difficult to attempt. It's not, I promise.

The yoga you may have seen across platforms like Instagram is only one expression of this ancient practice. And, yes, it's beautiful, but no, it's not the be all and end all of YOGA.

I strive to make every single student who steps into my class feel empowered, authentic and comfortable. That no matter their body, age, race, size, sex or experience, they are in the exact right place. They belong.

You belong.

The asana we do on the mat is only a small part of living yoga. But it is a practical place for many to start. And I invite you to step on the mat to begin your journey NOW.

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Yoga is for everyone. Every body. Every level. Every human.


“I never thought I would try yoga let alone enjoy it. I love it now. I look forward to the classes. Kate is a wonderful instructor who adapts her class to all levels. Highly recommended to all, experienced or novice.”

~ Carol Rilatt


“Love love love Kate Smyth’s yoga classes. Every class I have attended is different. Kate takes us through her classes with excellent instruction and caters for all levels. I look forward to every class I take with Kate”

~ Erica Broughton


“Kate is an amazing teacher who makes every level of yogi feel at home within her class. She fosters an atmosphere where you feel comfortable growing at your own pace. Such a fun, energetic and knowledgeable teacher :)”

~ Joshua Pascoe

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Step onto the path to harnessing your inner light and uncovering your self-worth, authentic self and essential  truth.

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