Essential oils


These little bottles of plant magic (well, that’s how I think of them) are versatile, powerful and easy to use.

I reach for them to support my body, my health, my emotions and mood. They have become a daily ritual as well as a place to turn when I’m looking for help.

Yes, these are just essential oils. But how I really see them, is as support. They support each part of my life with ease and they make me feel so, so good.

Essential oils aren’t new to me. I remember as a child visiting a lavender farm in rural Victoria with my family. We picked up lavender oil there, which my mum used in her oil burner at home. Another favourite of my mums was (and still is) bergamot – a bright and citrusy oil.

What I never realised, though, was that often the oils we pick up at the store (even the health food store) are anything but pure. At the very least, they’re probably diluted down with a carrier oil. At the other end of the spectrum, they’re mixed with harmful synthetics and chemicals – yuck.

The oils I use now are as pure as they come. No nasties. And so says the third party testing results. Put simply, they are nothing but essential oil – down to the last drop.

This also means you’re getting so much more in your little amber bottle. Each and every drop is a potent and powerful one.

Not only are the oils beyond organic, the purest out there, but they also come from where the plants grow best. Where they flourish naturally. While it would be more ‘efficient’ to grow and process on big farms in one country, that would come at the cost of quality. Instead, local farmers are supported in their businesses and the best possible oil is captured.

P.S. Mum now has pure oils to use in her diffuser!

I use essential oils in my skincare. I diffuse them day and night. I use them to clean my house and car. I use them on my body. I add them to my food and water. They’re in my toothpaste and my deodorant. I have roll-on bottles at hand at all times. I have a pencil case of samples in my handbag to give out. I use them in the yoga classes I teach.

They support my health, whether I’m feeling great or not so good. They make food taste amazing. They make me smell amazing! The oils motivate, inspire and calm me. They pump me up and they de-stress me. And it’s not just me they support, my man gets all up in the essential oil goodness too.

Essential oils are quite literally a part of my daily life and I most definitely believe they should be a part of yours too. These oils have a place in every home. They support the low-chemical lifestyle I seek and they have become a way to support my self financially as well.

I’m looking for people like me. People who are looking to get back to basics (essentials even!). To cut down on the chemical load our bodies are having to take on. People who’d rather try something natural before they seek out big pharma (don’t get me wrong, western medicine is amazing and I’m beyond grateful for it – I just like to have my finger in both pies!). People who want to feel great – and smell amazing. People who dig a natural lifestyle.

I’m also looking for courageous beings who are ready to amp up their income by sharing something they love – essential oils. I’m talking real money here, money that feels good to earn. Abundance that feels more like ease, less like slogging it out.

Whether you’re looking to try out the oils, or you’re interested in the business opportunity, I’d love to support you (support is the running theme here).

Get in touch with me.

How to buy doTERRA essential oils


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